2021.07.09 Daily update

Installed Facebook and Instagram

Well, yesterday I created Facebook and Instagram accounts again. I know I know it's very bad. But it's stupidly difficult to function these days without those things. My university wanted me to install and be active on some of those things. They said there will be facebook groups and stuff. But to instagram it was just because I thought it's the easiest way to see my friends. Using emails is not going to work with those guys. Using only emails for some people is like just total blackout. But anyway I will still write emails to my penpals.

Shared some notes

Yesterday I could make some notes on JUnit5 and start a note on Data Structures. Today I finished the a tiny bit of data structures and saved that note as part 01. But there are a LOT to cover. And I uploaded those completed once on my website, I think ti's a good idea then may be some people will find those helpful. But then I shared the link in some telgram groups that I was in, and that was a bad idea. Because I think I confused some people, so I removed the message. But still by mistake I couldn't remove it from one group, because I forgot to tick 'delete for other memebers'. I hope it will be fine.

Did some small cosmetic changes

Oh and I changed the font of these blog posts. And decided to add some nice small headings to increase the quality of life lol.