2021.07.15 Daily update

Today wasn't very productive. I participated in my second EFIL session and it was okay, I learned some important stuff. Then watched a bunch of videos and wasted few hours. Then wrote some tests for my simple java project to practice. Answered a couple of questions in 'help wanted help given forum' too.

Now the technology has evolved pretty fast, and now my old smart phone is barely usable. It only has 8gigs of built in storage. So yeah when I checked today there were only like 100MBs of space remained! So I just factory reset the phone. And it reminded me that how much I used to hate proprietary software. After the reset there were a bunch of samsung and google apps that I wasn't allowed to uninstall. It was very annoying, I don't even use many apps from google play store. I prefer the fdroid store more, there are so many userfriendly free software. Free software are just far more nicer to the general public you and me. I sometimes really struggle to understand why do people still use shitty software like whatsapp for an example. I mean you can get 'telegram' which is opensource and like 100 times better than whatsapp. I personally believe people don't use better alternatives because they are ignorant, and are not aware of of opensource and stuff. Some people don't even know the difference. When I say free software the first thing that comes to their mind is 'freeware' which are free of charge software. Free of charge software are not very nice. As an example Whatsapp is a free of charge of software they don't charge you real money to let you use it. But instead they collect and sell your information. Telegram is free of charge too, but not only that it's source code is freely available to the public. So it's more transparent and user friendly, and you definitely should use it and uninstall whatsapp.