2021.07.13 Daily update

Today we had our first IFIL session, it was pretty decent too. The lecturer did it pretty good to be honest, and so far I am really enjoying what OUSL had to offer. I hope it will keep getting better.

I am planning to create notes for this degree programme and other software related courses I do and share them freely to everybody. Most probably I will upload them to this site. May be I will license them with a copyleft license too. So everyone who gets the notes will be forced to share it with other people, it's just an idea. I am not sure how practical this will be though. But I will definitely try my best to make some notes and post them on this site. After all sharing is caring right.

And I am planning to begin my first simple java project, hmm most probably it'll be making a simple banking application. Because I think it would be very nice to find some tutorials to help me, because I am pretty sure I am gonna spend a lot of time getting stuck every where. So yeah I will first try my best to create and test everything alone, but if I am really stuck then I will rely on some tutorials too.