2021.07.09 Daily update

Today was a pretty normal day just like yesterday. Nothing interesting didn't happen to be honest. But anyway I will write down some stuff I tried.

I learned and created some personal notes on writing Java tests with JUnit5. It was really interesting learning those stuff. Hopefully I will be able to finish those soon so I can try some real testing. I do have some testing exericeses waiting to be implemented lol. And a friend of mine told me about some other interesting course done by the same lecturer as this guy I learn JUnit5 from, so yeah kind of excited to see that too.

Okay and today spent a couple of hours modding and playing Stalker as usual. It was very fun and relaxing. I figured out if how to replace custom weapon scopes with content I downloaded, it's pretty cool. And then I made the nights very dark like literally pitch black. Then as the vanila game was too easy for me, I increased weapon damages to increase the realistic feel. If you have played stalker, and if you know this game. Continue to read the rest or just get off now because you won't understand a thing.

So today something weird happened in Stalker. I was testing some scopes and weapon damage, and I was in Rostok. So to test those I shot some Dutiers well of course they shot me back. I am pretty sure that I didn't save after that. But after a couple of hours when I tried to play again dammit the dutiers were not neutral anymore, they are freaking hostile! Apparently all my savefiles are like that! I am not sure if this is a bug or a feature, meh may be a feature. Because I don't mind now the game is just more harder, just the way I like it. I will have to shoot a lot of Dutiers to get in and out of Rostok.